Top and Highest Paying Bitcoin and Altcoin Faucets Rotator of July 2019



All highest paying faucets of 2019

at one place. provides the ability to manage and check all your favorite cryptocurrency faucets in one place. Making more than a couple bucks from faucets requires a certain level of commitment and we help you make that commitment easier.

What is a Cryptocurrency Faucet?
Imagine placing a cup under a dripping kitchen faucet. It would take some time for the cup to fill up, but over time you would have a full cup of water. The idea is the same here. You can claim small amounts of cryptocurrency in regular intervals. Eventually you will have enough to start filling your wallets.

Some faucets have their own user authentication while others use microwallets such as CoinPot and FaucetHub. Most contain captcha challenges, banner ads and pop-under ads, but those are just the nature of the beast.

After clicking on a faucet, the faucet popup contains the following buttons and indicators:

  • Open the current faucet in a new tab/window.
  • Indicates that the faucet page is still loading.
  • Close the faucet and returns to the list.
  • Navigate between the faucets in the list.
  • Reset the faucet interval and open the next claimable faucet. If no faucets are ready to be claimed, the faucet popup is closed.